You’re staring at my neck again


Few people know Trudeau also has an eye-catching birthmark on his neck

We all have physical features, good or bad, that are unique and we subconsciously forget about from time to time. Some of them are visible, some of them are not.

I have a massive head, but most people don’t seem to notice until I try to wear a hat. Hats don’t fit me, despite their misleading ‘one size fits all’ claim. In high school my old man custom-made extra clips at the back of my school-issued cap because we were forced to wear them – much to the amusement of my friends. Even then it still left a big red ring around my head. That was back in 1997 so god knows how much bigger it is now.

I also have a dimple when I smile that is allegedly adorable, but being a heavily bearded man I haven’t seen it in years.

There’s one thing, though, that I often do forget about. It’s a birthmark on the right side of my neck, and it’s quite large. I’m not complaining, I’m aware of – and have also seen – people with far larger and more dominant birthmarks. Continue reading


Life Stories: Lock N Pop

article-2016053-0D0F7E8D00000578-896_634x386I consider myself relatively lucky when I think that, at 29, I’ve never broken a bone. None of my own, at least. I did play a large part in a friend breaking his wrist many years ago but that’s another story.

That being said my life hasn’t been injury free. As well as the dog attack, I’ve given myself permanent scars from a few bad cuts, had my entire foot parked on by the weight of a Holden Commodore, hit my head many times and more.

Perhaps the closest I’ve ever come to what I presume is the next level of pain was only a few years back. Continue reading