Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct Review


SINCE THE RELEASE of Metallica’s new album I’ve come across a few reviews that start by sharing their personal stories with the band, primarily from people who were ‘into them’ even before Kill Em All came out or at least prior to the death of Cliff Burton.

Sadly my parents didn’t have the fortitude to conceive me before 1985 and I didn’t have the musical nous to purchase those early albums and subsequent street cred during my infancy. The fact that my Dad listened to Roy Orbison and my Mum is a Monkees fan also had some bearing. Continue reading


At The Movies With Javid #27

TOP FIVE (2015)

Before I watched Top Five it was described to me second hand as ‘the black man’s Birdman’. Given the positive reception of the latter I can see why people went with that phrase, but I didn’t like Birdman very much, so it wasn’t enticing.

I can see the similarities. Top Five is a movie that ambles along, telling the story of an actor/comedian, played by Chris Rock. He used to be funny and considered relevant with a successful comedy movie franchise, but has faded into the background as he tries to get support for a serious film he’s made. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #21

The Judge (2014)

They're thinking about the shower scene. You would be too.

They’re thinking about the bathtub scene. You would be too.

It could be said that many movies of the recent Robert Downey Jnr era (by which I mean all of his comic book films) aim to hit more than one genre, typically comedy mixed with big-budget action and a protagonist you find it hard to identify with but root for anyway.

The Judge follows suit, not just with a protagonist that it’s hard to identify with or like (despite the first few scenes trying to pull you the other way) but with its attempt to try and grasp multiple genres – in this case its ‘courtroom drama’ and ‘chick flick’. Continue reading

Glory Gigs: Oasis (2002)

Welcome to the first, and potentially last, of a new type of blog – GLORY GIGS! I’ve been to a shitload of gigs in my lifetime, so why not share some of the more incredible ones with you? Mainly because I can’t remember them, thanks to an even mix of ‘getting old’ and ‘taking drugs’. This first gig was before the ‘taking drugs’ days, it was also before the ‘lets get our digital cameras or phones out and film the whole fucking gig’ days too. No footage or photos for you this time. Yeah, I’m old, get over it.

We weren't worthy. Seriously, we weren't.

We weren’t worthy. Seriously, we weren’t.

Continue reading