At The Movies With Javid #33

You’ve probably guessed from the complete lack of movie reviews in recent times that I haven’t been to the cinema in ages. Let’s face it – with Netflix, Stan (and yes, even sooky Presto) and the wonderful world of torrents – who the hell needs to?

For some reason, I did.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

"Sorry Padre, take off my what?"

“Sorry father, take off my what?”

Some pretext: I dismissed this franchise as the usual popular horror jump-scare-and-not-much-else fest that most successful horror movies seem to be, without even viewing it. Then I watched the first one – on my couch, alone, in the dark, with headphones on and slightly drunk (the way I view most scary movies these days). It was an immersive experience that brought feelings of excitement, dread, fear and joy all in one. It was great. I changed my mind about the franchise that instant. The first Conjuring film is good.

Before attending this movie, at the cinema, on opening weekend (a STUPID idea in hindsight), I spent time trying to remember the last time I witnessed a ‘horror’ film in a movie theatre. Continue reading


NETFLIX AND JAVID #5 – American Horror Story


Season 1: Murder House

This show isn’t new (Seasons 1-3 – the only ones available on Australian Netflix – aren’t anyway), but I warned you that at times this wouldn’t be particularly current.

I’m always up for a scare, but being with someone who doesn’t like horror movies limits my opportunities to indulge in the genre. Seeing American Horror Story on the Netflix menu presented me with said opportunity – 40 minute-ish episodes? Perfect. No idea of what to expect despite the show having existed for a while? Even better!

Skimming through Google to learn whether or not it was worth investing my time in, I was confused to discover that the show had been created by the people who made Glee, and while I’ve never seen that show either, I wondered just how much of a horror story it could be if that was the case. I also came across review aggregation sites that praised the show, so I thought ‘why not?’ and got straight into Season 1: Murder House.

That’s an enjoyable aspect of the show – each season is its own complete tale, and watching one doesn’t affect the story or require watching of any of the others. Still, it’s probably good to watch them in order anyway, and I’ll explain why. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #28

Step Brothers (2008)

This images captures the essence of the film quite well

This images captures the essence of the film quite well

After the critically acclaimed success of films like Talledega Nights, it made sense to continue profiteering off the relationship between Will Ferrell and John C Rielly, right?

OK so maybe not.

In a way they played this quite cleverly. Of the plethora of criticisms that Ferrell receives, the biggest is his preference for childish improvisation and lots of shouting – how better to utilise this skills set than to write a film about two 40 year old men with the minds of petulant 9-year olds? Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #20

The pop-up cannibal cookbook, available this Christmas

The pop-up cannibal cookbook, available this Christmas

The Babadook (2014)

As you probably know, I’m always after a horror film that can succeed in giving me the (pardon my French) ‘heebee-jeebees’ – but unfortunately they’re few and far between. So far this year (if you’ve been reading my reviews, and I know you haven’t) I’ve only encountered one such film this year, and even then it wasn’t great.

The worst of them all was the Australian Wolf Creek 2, a blatant cash in on its enjoyable predecessor – so it was with a certain level of scepticism that I got my hands on the highly-praised Australian film The Babadook. Continue reading

Javid’s Halloween Horror Hotels Guide

sh_8_3-620x463It’s Halloween – an occasion I can recognise the importance of, but also lament the importation of every year as more and more Australian kids join in on the distinctly American tradition of developing diabetes while wearing a costume. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that. I eat way too much chocolate (or candy if you’re American) as it is. I don’t need a freaking occasion, OR a stupid costume. As a matter of fact it’s quite often a spoon and a jar of nutella in my underwear on the couch late at night.

But I’m getting off track.

I will say this, the work I’ve been undertaking (good, unintentional pun there) lately has a lot to do with hotels, and as we move towards this annual occasion I couldn’t help but wonder why the hell TripAdvisor or some other organisation hasn’t decided to embrace the theme. Who knows, maybe they have and I just missed it. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #15

Another week, another few hours lost in the world of cinema, waking up in the morning on the sidewalk, unable to speak the language.

Romper Stomper (1992)

With the Rabbits into the Grand Final this week, where better to start than with a trip into the personal history of club owner, Russell Crowe.

Go Rabbitohs...

Go Rabbitohs…

Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #07

Here we go again…


Eat a dick, Tansformers (or as Stallone would say - "URUEGHURHG")

Eat a dick, Tansformers (or as Stallone would say – “URUEGHURHG”)

I can admit that I was wary of this franchise. On the surface I saw the films as little more than a money-spinning exercise for some of Hollywoods biggest action names – an endeavour to assist them all in putting new storeys on their houses and a bigger pool out the back.

Even after watching them, I know that that may well be the case, but there are a few things about ‘The Expendables’ that sets them apart from the majority of action flicks that come out these days. Continue reading