Pokemon Go and get stuffed


‘That’s the last time I take acid before using Google maps’

On my walk home from the train station the other day I passed through a nearby park, as I do every evening. It’s normally dark at the time I’m making this journey, and the park is so poorly lit that it’s practically pitch black, even just after 6pm.

Previously, I’ve seen a person urinating, I’ve seen a guy presumably passed out (but possibly dead) against a fence, and I’ve also seen teens making out on the play equipment. What these people have in common is the preference for darkness and the anonymity it creates, and I’m always fine to leave them to their activities, marching on and listening to music as I think about what’s for dinner, and why it’s not always tacos.

So you can imagine my surprise when I happened across what looked like the disembodied head of an Asian girl about 14 years old standing in the middle of the darkness. What the fuck was she doing other than being terrifying? Why was she unsupervised in an unlit park at night? Was she a ghost? Was she doing a Peter Dutton impersonation?

No. It turns out her face was lit up by her phone screen, as nearly all kids faces are these days, and she was wandering around, completely oblivious to me, looking for something. I let her be. Continue reading


Liberals and Atheists

Picturing everyone naked again..

Picturing everyone naked again..

There are many times I consider writing a brief rant about something, but by the time I formulate one I realise its not substantial enough for its own post. Instead, I’m giving you all a HOST of rants, all put together. Efficiency, no?

First and foremost this week is the Liberal Leadership Spill. It ended up being a massive non-event, but the lead-up itself stoked my ire incomprehensibly.

This populist indecisiveness of the Rudd/Gillard ALP years was used as a major campaign point by the LNP, and yet less than 18 months later the stories abound that the Libs were about to do the same. Continue reading

Life Stories: Wander No More

While I don’t think I’d ever stuck to one previously, in the last three years I’ve managed to make and deliver on three life-changing New Years Resolutions. 


In 2012, that resolution was to quit hospitality. It got to early November and I still hadn’t really made any inroads on developing my career, but I’d had enough and thought ‘why not?’ I quit, with no real back-up plan besides another facet of hospitality. Within two weeks I’d found another job doing something awesome, and I’ve never looked back.

This year it was, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’re one of the few who reads regularly, to quit smoking. It was another great decision that changed my life.

2013, though, was life-changing for another reason. Continue reading