Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct Review


SINCE THE RELEASE of Metallica’s new album I’ve come across a few reviews that start by sharing their personal stories with the band, primarily from people who were ‘into them’ even before Kill Em All came out or at least prior to the death of Cliff Burton.

Sadly my parents didn’t have the fortitude to conceive me before 1985 and I didn’t have the musical nous to purchase those early albums and subsequent street cred during my infancy. The fact that my Dad listened to Roy Orbison and my Mum is a Monkees fan also had some bearing. Continue reading


Flashback: Daft Punk on Drugs


Originally Posted May 18, 2003 on Destroy, White Boy

Remember last year when everyone was moist with anticipation for the first Daft Punk record in forever? Remember how ‘Get Lucky’ was, and still is, played to death? Remember when I decided to write a blow-by-blow record review on drugs? No? Lucky for you I’m sharing it again – certainly not because it’s my finest work, but because it still entertains me.

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