Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct Review


SINCE THE RELEASE of Metallica’s new album I’ve come across a few reviews that start by sharing their personal stories with the band, primarily from people who were ‘into them’ even before Kill Em All came out or at least prior to the death of Cliff Burton.

Sadly my parents didn’t have the fortitude to conceive me before 1985 and I didn’t have the musical nous to purchase those early albums and subsequent street cred during my infancy. The fact that my Dad listened to Roy Orbison and my Mum is a Monkees fan also had some bearing. Continue reading


At The Movies With Javid #33

You’ve probably guessed from the complete lack of movie reviews in recent times that I haven’t been to the cinema in ages. Let’s face it – with Netflix, Stan (and yes, even sooky Presto) and the wonderful world of torrents – who the hell needs to?

For some reason, I did.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

"Sorry Padre, take off my what?"

“Sorry father, take off my what?”

Some pretext: I dismissed this franchise as the usual popular horror jump-scare-and-not-much-else fest that most successful horror movies seem to be, without even viewing it. Then I watched the first one – on my couch, alone, in the dark, with headphones on and slightly drunk (the way I view most scary movies these days). It was an immersive experience that brought feelings of excitement, dread, fear and joy all in one. It was great. I changed my mind about the franchise that instant. The first Conjuring film is good.

Before attending this movie, at the cinema, on opening weekend (a STUPID idea in hindsight), I spent time trying to remember the last time I witnessed a ‘horror’ film in a movie theatre. Continue reading


Just not too MUCH more...

Just not too MUCH more…

YOU may recall that the other day I wrote a blog comparing the services offered by television/movie/Netflix alternatives Stan and Presto, based on my own personal experiences.

While I said that I enjoyed both, I suggested that, if faced with a choice between the two, if you’re like me you should probably go with Stan.

As always seems to be the case when I review things online, someone has gone to the lengths to respond to my personal opinion, no doubt under the impression that my audience numbers in the hundreds or thousands. Naturally, it was Presto. I wonder why…

They (read: Presto’s current head of Public Relations Michael Morcos) countered some of the things I said in my blog, and I’d like to share their response with you now, as I believe that they have the right to reply. Continue reading

Review: Stan vs Presto

blogpicTHE digital streaming revolution is slowly changing the world. What surely started as a mere counter to the sheer abundance of illegal downloads has become a staple, and inarguably the future of television.

The big question for Australian viewers is no longer whether or not they can afford to be ripped off by the wonderful people at Foxtel, or if they should get Netflix (because lets face it, we all have Netflix), but which of the secondary providers – PRESTO or STAN – should they go with when they feel like they’ve watched everything on Netflix that tickles their fancy?

I’ve spent the last month with both. Yes, I got them for free (from my employer and phone company respectively), but if anything I think that makes me more qualified to share my thoughts on which one I’d rather pay for. Here are a few key criteria that might enhance your own judgement when you and your partner are sitting there asking each other what you want to watch, knowing full well that the conversation will go on for half an hour and get nowhere before you both go to bed. Continue reading

Life Stories: Getting High

ONCE again I can only sit here shaking my head at another unsuccessful attempt to get this blog back on track. After building up plenty of momentum with my contempt for society and public transport rants and averaging hundreds of hits a day I’m back to a trickle thanks to massive inactivity on my part. I blame the NRL season.

And getting high…

Continue reading

REVIEW – Nick Offerman ‘Full Bush’, State Theatre, Sydney

bushI’m a big fan of Nick Offerman, who most people know as the indomitable Ron Swanson on TV’s Parks and Recreation. As well as his most famous character I’ve seen and enjoyed his roles of varying length in many films and shows, I’ve read his written material and I genuinely enjoy his outlook on life.

I was a little disappointed upon reading that his wife, Megan Mullally, had cancelled her appearance as one half of their double-billed ‘Summer of 69 – No Apostrophe’ show that was set to tour the country – but hey, Offerman is an established actor with theatre chops who’s toured a host of his own shows around the USA, so I was still keen.

Full Bush is an ode from Offerman to the many, bushy aspects of life that we all share ‑ from the hair in our nether regions to survivalism and the reckless approach to life of a former US President with the same name. While I don’t agree with some of this thoughts on pubic maintenance, and it was also hard to take from a man who is renowned for facial hair but stood before us without any, it’s still a great premise and served as a strong undercurrent to the performance. Continue reading

NETFLIX AND JAVID #6 – F Is For Family

fisLike the last few seasons of The Simpsons, a Netflix program being animated doesn’t necessarily qualify it as a comedy. Bojack Horseman, while full of funny moments, edges far closer to drama than comedy half the time.

Coming from a comedian who is as overtly cynical (but still hilarious) as Bill Burr, perhaps I should have expected the same from F is for Family. Watching his stand-up you note that he’s not someone who necessarily hates life but hates what society has become and the way people are, and he’s not shy to admit it. Do you have to know Burr and his take on life to appreciate the show? Not necessarily, but I think it helps. Continue reading