Racism has never been uglier


“WHO WANTS A KEBAB FARKEN?” Photo: Perry Duffin

Last week I conversed with a lefty who was gushing over Waleed Aly and venting their spleen at the fact that every time there’s a terror attack or the issue of refugees and immigration comes up in Australia, someone gives Pauline Hanson a microphone and air-time on radio and TV.

You can disagree with Pauline all you like (and let’s face it, you probably should), but the reason she’s constantly given a voice when it comes to matters like these is that, like it or not, a large enough percentage of the population agree with her. If you can’t recognise that then you’re as helplessly naïve as your ideology. She’s been espousing the same kind of nonsense (albeit previously against Asians) since I was a kid and has been able to contest multiple elections, some more successfuly than others, which just serves as further proof.

The fact that she isn’t alone in her thoughts is rarely more evident than when the Reclaim Australia rallies occur all over the country. She even shows up at them.
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Liberals and Atheists

Picturing everyone naked again..

Picturing everyone naked again..

There are many times I consider writing a brief rant about something, but by the time I formulate one I realise its not substantial enough for its own post. Instead, I’m giving you all a HOST of rants, all put together. Efficiency, no?

First and foremost this week is the Liberal Leadership Spill. It ended up being a massive non-event, but the lead-up itself stoked my ire incomprehensibly.

This populist indecisiveness of the Rudd/Gillard ALP years was used as a major campaign point by the LNP, and yet less than 18 months later the stories abound that the Libs were about to do the same. Continue reading

Tony Abbott vs Timmy Trumpet – Freaks (#auspol REMIX)

freakscoverFrom the guy who bought you that Abbottrang video back when the election campaign was on (me), here’s a BRAND SPANKING NEW Tony Abbott jam full of highlights and characters from the year gone by. It’s a pretty freaking awesome track, too.

If you ask me it’s the best one. I was going to say best one yet but it’s unlikely I’ll do another. Unlike the others, this was made during time I WASN’T paid for, more for fun. Will it catch on? Most probably not. I’ve probably chosen a bad time to release it but my Adobe trial ends soon and I’m impatient. Maybe I’ll push it again before NYE, maybe I’ll even let the artist know – hopefully he takes it as a compliment.

Aaanyway, ENJOY! Or don’t. I really don’t care.

Gone But Not For-Gough-Ten

"Mama Mia! Here I Gough again!" (That's a historical joke, 100 points if you get it)

“Mama Mia! Here I Gough again!” (That’s a historical joke, 100 points if you get it)

Most people with even a vague understanding of Australian political history know who Gough Whitlam was. He was our 21st Prime Minister, sure, but that wasn’t what made him notable.

For the few who don’t know, I’ll keep it quick. Gough was the only Australian Prime Minister ever to be dismissed by the Governor-General, after a constitutional crisis in 1975. He’s not the lead singer of the Whitlams, that’s Tim Freedman.

Younger, less-informed Australians might think that the only way a Prime Minister can be dismissed is by their own party, and I can appreciate the history lesson they’d all get in the coming week if they ever bothered to watch the news on television or read a newspaper. Sadly, they won’t.

There’s a certain prestige and place-in-history for those who get fired from the post, and that’s probably why the ALP have continued the time-honoured tradition started by Sir John Kerr on that fateful day. Continue reading

Did Tony Abbott Shoot Down MH17?

"Bang Bang, bitches"

“Bang Bang, bitches”

The tragic events of this week, which saw Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down over the Russia-Ukraine border, killing 298 people, should not be undermined. It’s tragic, there’s no understating that. Despite the clickbait headline and the image caption, I’m not here to make fun.

It raises plenty of questions, too – such as why a plane would fly over a well-advertised conflict zone despite warnings being distributed as recently as that day, why Malaysia Air are having the worst airline PR year in history, and of course – who fired the shot?

Do I think Tony Abbott had anything to do with it? HA! Don’t be so stupid. If you clicked the link in hope of an answer of ‘yes’ then you’re a fucking idiot, but thanks for visiting.

I appreciate the ability many people in Western society have developed to question the news, and understand that just because something is printed doesn’t make it fact. While distrust isn’t a great thing to foster, it’s a handy attribute to have – to a point. Continue reading