Review: Stan vs Presto

blogpicTHE digital streaming revolution is slowly changing the world. What surely started as a mere counter to the sheer abundance of illegal downloads has become a staple, and inarguably the future of television.

The big question for Australian viewers is no longer whether or not they can afford to be ripped off by the wonderful people at Foxtel, or if they should get Netflix (because lets face it, we all have Netflix), but which of the secondary providers – PRESTO or STAN – should they go with when they feel like they’ve watched everything on Netflix that tickles their fancy?

I’ve spent the last month with both. Yes, I got them for free (from my employer and phone company respectively), but if anything I think that makes me more qualified to share my thoughts on which one I’d rather pay for. Here are a few key criteria that might enhance your own judgement when you and your partner are sitting there asking each other what you want to watch, knowing full well that the conversation will go on for half an hour and get nowhere before you both go to bed. Continue reading