2015: A New Start

anustartThat’s right, 12 months have passed and it’s time for another one of those blogs where I summarise the last year. Unlike last year, I guarantee I won’t be going off on a needless rant. It will be (hopefully) short and (hopefully) sweet because while the year hasn’t been without its stresses and frustrations, it’s been far too amazing to let them detract from the positives. 2015 was a huge year for change, and while 2014 wasn’t entirely appalling, it looks and smells like a dog’s dinner by comparison.

A new house – The year got off to a good start as my partner and I finally moved out of our apartment and into a house. Yes, we’re still renting, and yes, we’re further away from work than we were originally but it’s been worth it. We have more space, we have a freaking huge backyard and a back porch, we don’t have to share a garage with anyone else and perhaps most importantly, we have no common walls or people living above us. Our neighbours on either side are relatively elderly, quiet and friendly, but perhaps that’s even more pronounced because the people we shared a space with in our apartment block prior to the move were such horrid neighbours. It’s our own taste of the suburban dream and while we won’t be here forever it’s been the perfect location for the big change that followed.

A new job – As enjoyable as the freelance life was at the start of the year – staying at home, working whatever hours I wanted and avoiding the tedium of commuting everyday, it alone wasn’t economically feasible with major life events coming up. So began the plethora of job applications and series of interviews that we must all endure when we’re at such a point in our lives. Questions, answers, smiles, the need for a haircut and some new shirts, contemplating a shave, it’s something we’ve all done but because we normally stay at jobs for a while it’s hard to say anyone gets used to it, and by the time you do you’re usually employed – as was the case with me. After my experience in digital content management and subediting, I’ve now entered the print media world, and sweetening the career development even more, I’ve landed in sport. It’s been an interesting year where I’ve learned plenty, worked hard, met some great people, had my first bylines in a nationally distributed publication. I’ve also been able to enjoy some sweet perks including primo seats at my first ever State of Origin and this year’s truly spectacular NRL Grand Final. It’s been stressful at times, but what job isn’t? It’s an experience I’m grateful for, and I’m looking forward to the new season and the bucket-loads of subediting that will be coming my way before we’ve even kicked off. You’re probably wondering why my blog is so horribly written when I spend my days editing and formatting stuff primarily written by other people – my answer is SHUT UP.


In print – legit!

A new person – Henry John was born on August 25 at Nepean Hospital (the same one as his dad) and while it’s a well-worn trope, the arrival of a child really does change your life forever, in a whole bunch of ways I’ll probably explore in depth in a more specific entry some time early next year. He’s an amazing little man with a ridiculously adorable smile and piercing blue eyes that explore the world around them non-stop. He’s already come so far in the four months that he’s been here and every day he seems to grow so much more. Sure, parenting has plenty of ups and downs, especially in the early stages, but the joy far outweighs the occasional fatigue, anxieties and stress that will no doubt be a constant for the rest of my life. Would knowing what I’ve learned these past few months change my thoughts about starting the journey of fatherhood? Absolutely not. I love my family and I can’t wait to see what the next year, and the rest of our lives, hold in store.


Best buddies.

I’ll leave it there. Sure there were a whole bunch of other ‘new’ things; a new Prime Minister, a new wave of terror in Paris and a new war, a new set of boobs and gender for Bruce Jenner, a new Star Wars film and a shit load more, but who cares? If I’ve learned one thing this year it’s that, truly, absolutely none of that matters. With that in mind I can’t wait for the elections, legislation and controversial nonsense of the next 12 months, and going on hyperbolic, trivial rants about it all.

The only resolution I have I started a bit over a month ago – and that was to write more (which won’t be hard considering how little I wrote on the whole this year). So you’ve all got that to look forward to. Yay for you.

If you’ve had a bad 2015, hopefully all of this can serve as a reminder that a hell of a lot can change in the space of 12 months. Hell, a lot can change in the space of one. I’m a cynical pessimist and even I can recognise that. Life is full of peaks and troughs, so stop with the emo Facebook statuses and just get on with it.

Thanks for sticking around throughout the significant lull. See you in 2016.


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