Er Mah Perp

If you’re remotely familiar with the wonderful world of the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the ERMAHGERD, GERSEBERMS Meme. It’s my favourite, and it’s great. A few months back I even read an article where they tracked down the girl in it and found out that it’s had, well, little impact on her life.

As good as it is to have an awkward teenager ‘voicing’ such a sentiment, surely if anyone should be getting so excited that they reference the Lord, it should be the Pope. I was reminded of the fact I’ve previously had this thought when Facebook reminded me the other day that I made and posted this meme a year ago: perp

This got me thinking about the Pope, and that very night I opened Twitter and was greeted, immediately, with this image. Once again I did what only felt natural:


Suitable, no?

I’m not a big fan of religion. I went to a Catholic school but the only thing that really taught me about faith was the lyrics to ‘Hail Mary’ and how to start growing facial hair like Jesus. But I digress.

The above images have been on my mind a lot lately, and I’ve decided that it’s time to reappropriate the ERMAHGERD meme, for Catholics and normal people alike. WIth that in mind, I present the following. Heed my warning – they get gradually worse. You’ve been warned.


Jurassic Pope


Pope in a poncho


Pope rock


Toto Pope


Papal positivity


Foreign Di-pope-mat


Told you they got worse…


I think he’s right.

Have a great weekend, everybody. If you ever come across a picture of the Pope and suddenly think ‘Ermahgerd’, my job is complete.

Co-incidentally if anyone from the Church wants to contact me for a digital marketing campaign, hit me up! We both know you can afford it, and I promise it’ll be money well spent.


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