2015: A New Start

anustartThat’s right, 12 months have passed and it’s time for another one of those blogs where I summarise the last year. Unlike last year, I guarantee I won’t be going off on a needless rant. It will be (hopefully) short and (hopefully) sweet because while the year hasn’t been without its stresses and frustrations, it’s been far too amazing to let them detract from the positives. 2015 was a huge year for change, and while 2014 wasn’t entirely appalling, it looks and smells like a dog’s dinner by comparison. Continue reading


At The Movies With Javid #31 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

bbeI’ve never considered myself ‘invested’ in the Star Wars franchise. I can accept that the first three (episodes IV-VI) are good films as much as I can accept that the second three (episodes I-III) are, for the most part, CGI-laden pieces of tripe designed to cash in on a much beloved franchise with low-quality acting (or at least writing).

With that in mind I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from Episode VII: The Force Awakens. There’s no doubt Disney were aware that another bad film would destroy a beloved franchise, and with that in mind they set out with a clear picture of what not to do, but did they actually make a good picture?

The short answer is yes, but I can’t help thinking that the simple fact that The Force Awakens isn’t shit and the palpable relief from obsessive fans that followed due to that fact gives the film a far higher rating than it deserves. Continue reading

Papal Party Time


So I found out today that it was the Pope’s birthday this week.

He turned 79, so good on him. He doesn’t look a day over.. well.. 79 – but given that his predecessors John Paul II and Ratzinger/Benedict XVI each looked about 150 I’d say he’s doing pretty well. Continuing my recent meme binge and in the birthday spirit, I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s to you, Pope Frankie.

Soundwaving Goodbye


Photo: Yael Stempler

It’s official, it’s over, and I’m sad. No, I’m not talking about Jose Mourinho’s tenure as Chelsea manager – I think that’s hilarious – I’m talking about the other significant termination that’s happened in the last 24 hours; Soundwave.

While people continue to die or get hospitalised at rave-dance-festivals like Stereosonic and Defqon, the headline casualty of Australia’s last big alternative festival, Soundwave, is the event itself, cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I’ve seen some people revelling in the news, calling the organiser AJ Maddah a host of names and criticising his personality while seemingly disregarding the fact that this bloke did everything he could to deliver world-class line-ups that this country wouldn’t otherwise get.

I’d imagine it’s comparatively easy to bring tens of thousands of munted deadshits to watch some DJ’s perform at festivals like Stereosonic; the equipment and production costs are insurmountably smaller, there aren’t full bands, tonnes of equipment and crews that need to be hauled from state to state, and let’s face it – every one of those artists gets mainstream exposure, from Top 40 radio shows to ads for cars that you’ll never drive, which increases advertising opportunities and helps ticket sales. These factors ensure that the aforementioned festivals will stay around for a while and be replaced by carbon copies under a different name no matter how many people overdose.

Soundwave now goes to the festival graveyard with the likes of Big Day Out, Livid, Harvest and more, festivals that were committed to bringing out actual bands – which has always been no mean feat for a country as expansive and isolated as our own.

So while the haters revel in the fact that we lose another reason to go out and catch some awesome bands this summer, I’m choosing to remember the festival fondly, and the whole host of bands I might never have had the opportunity to see live (because I don’t like going to gigs on week nights anymore) had it not been for Soundwave and AJ Maddah. Continue reading

NETFLIX AND JAVID #5 – American Horror Story


Season 1: Murder House

This show isn’t new (Seasons 1-3 – the only ones available on Australian Netflix – aren’t anyway), but I warned you that at times this wouldn’t be particularly current.

I’m always up for a scare, but being with someone who doesn’t like horror movies limits my opportunities to indulge in the genre. Seeing American Horror Story on the Netflix menu presented me with said opportunity – 40 minute-ish episodes? Perfect. No idea of what to expect despite the show having existed for a while? Even better!

Skimming through Google to learn whether or not it was worth investing my time in, I was confused to discover that the show had been created by the people who made Glee, and while I’ve never seen that show either, I wondered just how much of a horror story it could be if that was the case. I also came across review aggregation sites that praised the show, so I thought ‘why not?’ and got straight into Season 1: Murder House.

That’s an enjoyable aspect of the show – each season is its own complete tale, and watching one doesn’t affect the story or require watching of any of the others. Still, it’s probably good to watch them in order anyway, and I’ll explain why. Continue reading

Er Mah Perp

If you’re remotely familiar with the wonderful world of the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the ERMAHGERD, GERSEBERMS Meme. It’s my favourite, and it’s great. A few months back I even read an article where they tracked down the girl in it and found out that it’s had, well, little impact on her life.

As good as it is to have an awkward teenager ‘voicing’ such a sentiment, surely if anyone should be getting so excited that they reference the Lord, it should be the Pope. I was reminded of the fact I’ve previously had this thought when Facebook reminded me the other day that I made and posted this meme a year ago: perp Continue reading

Bacon Bits

miss-piggyWhat seems like an eternity ago, some friends who were familiar with my love of bacon gave me a unique present. Instead of simply plying me with rashers of processed pig (gourmet or not, I’ll friggen eat it), they went outside the box and decided to give me a bunch of bacon-flavoured substitutes. It was a great idea that I appreciated at the time, but I can’t help wondering if the idea was better before I opened them.

LET’S FIND OUT! Continue reading