Racism has never been uglier


“WHO WANTS A KEBAB FARKEN?” Photo: Perry Duffin

Last week I conversed with a lefty who was gushing over Waleed Aly and venting their spleen at the fact that every time there’s a terror attack or the issue of refugees and immigration comes up in Australia, someone gives Pauline Hanson a microphone and air-time on radio and TV.

You can disagree with Pauline all you like (and let’s face it, you probably should), but the reason she’s constantly given a voice when it comes to matters like these is that, like it or not, a large enough percentage of the population agree with her. If you can’t recognise that then you’re as helplessly naïve as your ideology. She’s been espousing the same kind of nonsense (albeit previously against Asians) since I was a kid and has been able to contest multiple elections, some more successfuly than others, which just serves as further proof.

The fact that she isn’t alone in her thoughts is rarely more evident than when the Reclaim Australia rallies occur all over the country. She even shows up at them.

The disquiet these people feel is fuelled by ignorance and the media but we shouldn’t be surprised. As a nation we have a long history of being a little bit racist at times, and VERY MUCH racist at others. The fact that refugees and immigration are key issues of every single federal election campaign in this country is indicative enough. The UN has been calling us racist for ages, and even the likes of North Korea and Iran have recently jumped into the debate to join the Australia bashing, criticising our human rights record. Hilarious.

As much as I love to hate both sides and consider myself above it all, even I had to sit there gobsmacked when I read this article during the week.

Poor Nathan Paterson.

After having his photo taken during a Reclaim Australia rally in Cessnock on the weekend, Nathan has been surprised at the judgemental slander that has come his way, all because of a photo.

Yes, he’s missing teeth. Yes, he’s wearing an Australian flag over his shoulders and a Eurerka flag wife-beater. Yes, he’s draped in a plethora of tattoos, including a huge one on his face that he claims HE GAVE HIMSELF IN THE FUCKING MIRROR, and one that says ‘not guilty’ on the side of his head, but HOW DARE anyone call him a bogan or judge him based on his appearance?

Let’s judge him on his words instead.

Nathan used to be a factory worker, but now lives with his sister in the Hunter region, surviving on a disability pension while still finding time (and money) to go to the gym twice a day.

He says that he’s not a racist, he’s just a bloke who went out and supported what he believes in, and if that’s being racist then that’s ok, he’s standing up for Australia. That makes my head hurt.

He’s not racist because he’s friends with the Bangladeshi owner of a kebab shop that he frequents, but he just calls him ‘Bangladesh’ instead of learning his name. He’s his mate from the gym, so you think he’d learn his fucking name given HE’S THERE TWICE A DAY.

Nathan has been trying to find accommodation with the NSW Department of Housing for months, so that the youngest of his two kids can stay with him on weekends. For some reason his relationship didn’t work. I wonder if they were separated before or after he tattooed his face in the mirror?

I am not criticising the disabled, or passionate people, or those who are struggling with the government housing system, nor am I criticising separated parents who are without their kids. But roll it all into one and put his face on it and his words to it, and you know something isn’t quite right.

Nathan claims his current situation is making him feel that governments don’t do enough for everyday Australians. That welfare he’s being paid to go out and attend racist rallies must just not be enough.

He was also offended when he heard some lady call him a “toothless, tattooed freak” on the radio, telling her that “if she wants to pay to get my tooth fixed, that’s great, I’ll shake her hand, because I’m in the waiting line to have it done”.

Fuck off Nathan.

If you didn’t go to the gym twice a day, frequent a kebab shop or spend the rest of your time and money tattooing yourself then maybe your situation would start to improve. If you made an effort to make yourself look respectable instead of getting argy-bargy while attending racist rallies, maybe your situation would improve even further.

Nathan claims that Syrian refugees are in their own country blowing each other up, and that they want to bring it here to Australia, while at the same time lamenting that people have made snap, general judgements about him based on his appearance.

Nathan worries about “what kind of country I’m leaving for my kids”. If he has his way it will be one filled with ignorance, hatred and welfare abuse, where you call people by the country they’re from. He seemingly wants a world where we all call each other “Australia” and tattoo our own faces at the gym. If that’s the case, I’m worried about what kind of country Nathan is leaving for his kids as well.

Even the head of Newcastle’s Reclaim Australia chapter, John Oliver, went to lengths to state that Nathan “isn’t representative of the vast majority of Reclaim supporters.”

After the Melbourne protests turned violent, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews criticised the organisation, asking why they covered their faces if they truly believed in what they claimed to be standing for.

It’s a valid point, but after seeing the face of Nathan Paterson, I think we all know why. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but Nathan Paterson is an open book. At least he was sure to speak his mind so people wouldn’t judge him on his looks alone.

Now we know he’s a fuckwit.


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