NETFLIX AND JAVID #2 – Jessica Jones

jessThere’s a feeling among some people that anything with the Marvel brand on it must be amazing by default. I’m not one of those. There have been some Marvel movies I love (Guardians of the Galaxy, the first Iron Man) and some that have repulsed me (Avengers: Age of Ultron, the third Iron Man), and many that fall somewhere in-between.

Watching Netflix’s adaptation of Daredevil was never a necessity to me, but when I gave it a chance I didn’t regret it. It was gritty and well shot, Matt Murdock was a likeable hero, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin oozed a remarkable balance of evil, awkwardness and suave. Its brilliant execution made the decision to watch Jessica Jones a no-brainer, but it’s still new so I’ll try to keep this relatively spoiler-free. Continue reading


Racism has never been uglier


“WHO WANTS A KEBAB FARKEN?” Photo: Perry Duffin

Last week I conversed with a lefty who was gushing over Waleed Aly and venting their spleen at the fact that every time there’s a terror attack or the issue of refugees and immigration comes up in Australia, someone gives Pauline Hanson a microphone and air-time on radio and TV.

You can disagree with Pauline all you like (and let’s face it, you probably should), but the reason she’s constantly given a voice when it comes to matters like these is that, like it or not, a large enough percentage of the population agree with her. If you can’t recognise that then you’re as helplessly naïve as your ideology. She’s been espousing the same kind of nonsense (albeit previously against Asians) since I was a kid and has been able to contest multiple elections, some more successfuly than others, which just serves as further proof.

The fact that she isn’t alone in her thoughts is rarely more evident than when the Reclaim Australia rallies occur all over the country. She even shows up at them.
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NETFLIX AND JAVID #1 – w/Bob and David

After two failed attempts I’ve given up trying to write a succinct blog about the events in Paris, so it’s on to Plan B.

Now that I’m attempting to start writing again (and after so long it’s proving difficult to do so regularly), I’ve decided that as well as my occasional rants I’m going to use this blog to review EVERYTHING I can, but primarily television/movies/music and other media (which may result in a rebrand, but not yet).

Essentially it’s going to become a living application to the likes of IGN and other review-based websites, just with a bit more swearing sometimes.

So without further ado I introduce: NETFLIX AND DAVE; where I watch and review as much Netflix content as I can so that you can base your own decision to watch or not on my own one-sided opinion.



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Meating Up With Cancer



It’s hard to believe it’s been over six months since I’ve taken the time to spew my vitriolic contempt for society and… write movie reviews. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, although with the amount of processed meat I’m eating I might be soon.

I’d explain my long absence, but you don’t care, and the more time I take doing that, the less time I have to captivate your attention/ire with hate-filled rants. Suffice it to say I’m a father now and I never have to go to university again, but the two things aren’t related. Not that I’m aware of anyway.

BUT WHERE TO BEGIN? Many things have filled me with hatred and contempt for my fellow man in these last six months. The disgusting and inconsiderate things people do on the train are enough for a month’s worth of irate ramblings alone, but there have been so many other things that I’ve forgotten in the meantime. The rage section of my memory fills up so frequently that it only goes back about a month or so before it has to start deleting things.

Perhaps the best place to start, if a little too late, is with the processed meat issue. In case you missed the shocking news on The Project or Buzzfeed, the World Health Organisation recently listed processed meats including bacon, salami and other salty, meaty, ground sacks of deliciousness as carcinogenic. Before you get the dictionary out, a carcinogen is something that causes cancer.
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