At The Movies With Javid #30

When I first got Netflix I promised that these reviews would come in thicker and faster thanks to the multitude of movies available to me, but that hasn’t really been the case. I would apologise, but I actually watched some. Perhaps it’s you and your insistence that should apologise to me.

I was also going to do Mad Max, Avengers and Jurassic World, but I’m far too late for any of those now. My bad.

The Promotion (2008)

The guy in the background was glad to not have a speaking part

The extra in the background was longing for a better film to be in.

There’s something about John C Reilly’s friendly-ogre-ish face that I find relaxing, so it wasn’t hard for me to select this film from the list of appalling choices you’re offered on a service such as this. Combine him with Sean William Scott and hey, I figured there would be a laugh or two throughout the 90 minutes. Continue reading