At The Movies With Javid #29

Holy shit it’s been a while…

CHAPPIE (2015)

Photo: LA Times


When you think about Niel Blomkamp’s most successful films (District 9 and to a lesser extent Elysium), you think of large-scale action movies set in run-down dystopias that strike closer to home than most. You think of poignant social commentary and South African accents. You think of ambitious movies that hit the mark they seek.

Chappie is a much smaller film in many ways. It’s done on a much smaller scale, it’s set in a future that’s closer than most and the social commentary is less relevant.

The last two of the aforementioned criteria are even smaller. The ambition isn’t huge when compared to his previous works, and the film is essentially a jazzed-up, grittier version of Short Circuit. Continue reading