REVIEW – Sam Simmons: Spaghetti For Breakfast


Sam Simmons is an Aussie icon. At the very least he’s the Aussie wingdings font. As myself and a few hundred other patrons made ourselves comfortable in the Chaser’s ‘Giant Dwarf’ studio in Redfern, the man made no attempt to hide himself, strolling back and forth between the sound desk and indoor bar in little more than a bathrobe, doing vocal warm ups at the top of his lungs and greeting people. An air of mystery is hard to cultivate when you’re in plain sight and scantily-clad, but Simmons still achieves it while at the same time looking like a pervy masseuse. Continue reading


At The Movies With Javid #28

Step Brothers (2008)

This images captures the essence of the film quite well

This images captures the essence of the film quite well

After the critically acclaimed success of films like Talledega Nights, it made sense to continue profiteering off the relationship between Will Ferrell and John C Rielly, right?

OK so maybe not.

In a way they played this quite cleverly. Of the plethora of criticisms that Ferrell receives, the biggest is his preference for childish improvisation and lots of shouting – how better to utilise this skills set than to write a film about two 40 year old men with the minds of petulant 9-year olds? Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #27

TOP FIVE (2015)

Before I watched Top Five it was described to me second hand as ‘the black man’s Birdman’. Given the positive reception of the latter I can see why people went with that phrase, but I didn’t like Birdman very much, so it wasn’t enticing.

I can see the similarities. Top Five is a movie that ambles along, telling the story of an actor/comedian, played by Chris Rock. He used to be funny and considered relevant with a successful comedy movie franchise, but has faded into the background as he tries to get support for a serious film he’s made. Continue reading