At The Movies With Javid #26

THE MIST (2007)

"Fark, must be an oil leak"

“Fark, must be an oil leak”

Apart from some rare instances like It and The Shining, quite often the suspenseful work of Stephen King has been let down on the screen by poor acting and a layer of cheese that upsets the stomach. This didn’t stop me watching The Mist.

Based on an old King novella, it’s the story of an entire town that finds itself shrouded in a thick mist, creating zero visibility. The mist settled after a severe storm, and a large amount of the town was in the supermarket buying supplies at the time. Naturally, they’re trapped. Continue reading


Addicted To Speed

Internet-Junkie-e1381337897247I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of posts about internet speed in recent months – mainly in the form of complaints.

“Oh my internet isn’t fast enough, I’m downloading at megabytes per second but it’s just not acceptable!” –no one ever said those exact words, but that’s my hyperbolic take on the gist of it. Continue reading

8 Annoying Types of Facebook Users


I’ve been giving serious thought to getting rid of Facebook of late. After closing it down in 2012 I was required to get it back for work. While I wouldn’t say I’ve regretted it entirely, now that I’m not using it professionally I’m starting to remember all the reasons I left.

I suppose the main thing I dislike about Facebook is people, but that’s far too broad. Here are some more specific examples for your enjoyment. Is my distaste for people limited to these 8 categories? No. There are enough for a series, so we’ll see what happens.

FACEBOOK GAMERS – The worst of the worst. We’re all aware that Facebook ‘redefines’ social interaction by taking the interaction out of the physical, away from such old-fashioned pleasures as verbal communication and eye contact. I get it.

But how socially disconnected do you have to be to play games through Social Media? Not only are you using social media to avoid having to physically interact with someone, you’re avoiding interacting with people virtually EXCEPT TO INVITE THEM TO PLAY A GAME. There’s a good chance the only reason they’re inviting you is because these games work on some kind of system that tells them they can unlock more bonuses or an extra feature if they invite 5 or 10 friends or whatever. I DON’T KNOW – I’VE NEVER PLAYED THEM. If you send me a game invite on Facebook, know that I won’t only NOT accept it, but I’ll say many disparaging things about you to myself.
Continue reading