Indonesia Set To Shoot Up

"Dude, that's not a harmonica"

“Dude, that’s not a harmonica”

AS we edge closer and closer to the moment that convicted Bali 9 ring leaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are shot by a firing squad somewhere on a remote Indonesian island, I can’t help but be astounded by the host of appeals being launched not just on social media but even by our government.

Many of these bleeding-hearts (not all, but many), are idiots, as stupid as AC and MS. But unlike those two, who’ve had 10 years to come to terms with what they’ve done, many people here have only been up in arms the last month or two, saying nothing about it for the last 10 years until now, because being a ‘humanitarian’ is fashionable.

First and foremost – before you start bringing in all the other ‘evidence’ – they did the crime, they got caught – it’s that simple.

Were they not aware of the fate that could face them? They tried this drug smuggling operation and got caught no less than 6 months after the whole Schapelle Corby incident happened. Surely they can’t have been unaware about the potential punishment if they were caught, as well as Indonesia’s attitude toward drugs. These guys were all caught red-handed. They did it. No question.

There were claims they didn’t know that drug trafficking could carry a death penalty – Aw! So you’re saying ‘oh shit I wouldn’t have done it if I knew I could die!’? That just makes it so much better. I’m sure heroin users say that, too.

Then there are a whole host of idiots trying to point the finger at the Australian Federal Police, because they knew beforehand. This is all well and good, and blaming other people is a great way to pass on AC and MS’s accountability for their actions (something we’re taught in Primary School for fuck’s sake). People will stamp and yell and sook that it should have been the duty of the AFP to arrest and/or deter these people before they committed the crime based on suspicions, and be completely blind to the fact that these people chose to do what they did.

Did Scott Rush’s dad have a talk with his own son? No. But expecting the Police to deal with, and be heard by, someone with an extensive history of narcotic use (which in turn typically develops a very anti-authoritarian attitude), instead of his own family or god forbid HIS OWN CONSCIENCE, makes it easier to point fingers.

There were claims that the mules had threats made against their families, and that’s why they did it. So… Scott Rush’s father expects the Police to act on his paternal suspicion, but not once did any member of the 9 call the police and say ‘look, someone is threatening my family if I don’t smuggle Class-A narcotics out of Indonesia, perhaps we can help each other’.

I’m sure that would have given them MUCH more to go on, instead of appearing as a pathetic afterthought in the trial. The whole AFP aspect of this case was made clear a long time ago, yet people are trying to frame it as new evidence. In fact the AFP were taken to the Federal Court, where the verdict stated that “Rush and his colleagues were the authors of their own harm.”

Rush got his sentence reduced, anyway! He’s not going to be shot! He no longer has anything to do with the fate that awaits the other two.

The evidence also points to the fact that some of them had already smuggled previously with fake passports, but there’s no mention of that from the bleeding hearts.

Given that there was already a history of smugglers going in and out of the country as a part of this ring, wouldn’t deterring them, as Rush’s father wanted, merely alert the higher-up smugglers that the AFP were getting close? Wouldn’t they then change their methods/routes/contacts and force the police to start their investigation all over again?

Furthermore is the revelation, only coming out in the papers TODAY, that the judges on the case sought bribes from the lawyers. Is that not a gross sign of corruption? Could that not have played an integral role in getting a retrial? Then WHY THE HELL ARE WE ONLY FINDING OUT ABOUT IT NOW, DAYS BEFORE THEY’RE KILLED? IT’S BEEN TEN YEARS!

Then there’s the history of Indonesian-Australian relations, where a whole host of issues such as Communism, East Timor, spying, border protection policies and more come in to play – but no, they should just give us back our drug smugglers!

There’s Joko Widodo – new Indonesian President. How do you think he would be perceived by his conservative electorate if he suddenly let off two convicted drug smugglers, thanks to pressure from Australia? He’d either be seen as soft, a puppet of Australia, or both. He doesn’t want that, and he doesn’t need it either.

Joko Widodo likes "Bullet For My Valentine" and "Bullets for Australian Traffickers"

Joko Widodo likes “Bullet For My Valentine” and “Bullets for Australian Traffickers”

That Abbott and Bishop are getting involved, and using language that tries to instil guilt and fear of consequence, is astounding. There were comparisons made between a reprieve for the convicted, and the aid Australia gave in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami.

I’m sorry, what? You’re comparing money that was part of an international effort to help nations rebuild and help millions of innocent people, with sparing the lives of 2 drug dealers who were caught and are unquestionably guilty?

I was going to say “what’s next, a petition?” – BUT I’M TOO FUCKING LATE! You’re using the exact same methods you use to campaign against the injustice of children in detention and similarly reprehensible things, to question the autonomy of a foreign court and seek to save the lives of drug dealers?

If you’re against the death penalty, that’s fine, but then make it about that, and draw attention to the global angle. If you want to question why it’s taken 10 years to finally shoot them, and if that in itself hasn’t clouded the whole point, that’s valid, too.

To sit there and to try and blame the AFP, to sign a petition, to question the right of the Indonesian government and judicial system to autonomy, to compare sparing drug dealers lives to humanitarian aid, is ridiculous.

Do you honestly believe that, if they weren’t caught, any of them would have stopped or not considered doing it again? No. If two drug trafficking ringleaders have to die for Indonesia to get their message across, I don’t think they have a problem with that.

They did the crime, they got caught. I’ve seen more about this on social media than I ever did about the imprisonment of Peter Greste – and he was innocent!


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