At The Movies With Javid #25

ELYSIUM (2013)

Niell Blomkamp’s Chappie is coming out soon, so I thought I’d better go back and re-watch some of his previous work.

"What's for dinner?" "Fokken Prawns!"

“What’s for dinner?”
“Fokken Prawns!”

I’ve seen District 9 many, many times, and few would argue it’s a spectacular film. The futuristic social commentary continues in Elysium, with a ring that hovers above the Earth and houses all the rich people as the planet is left to rot in poverty. Continue reading


Indonesia Set To Shoot Up

"Dude, that's not a harmonica"

“Dude, that’s not a harmonica”

AS we edge closer and closer to the moment that convicted Bali 9 ring leaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are shot by a firing squad somewhere on a remote Indonesian island, I can’t help but be astounded by the host of appeals being launched not just on social media but even by our government.

Many of these bleeding-hearts (not all, but many), are idiots, as stupid as AC and MS. But unlike those two, who’ve had 10 years to come to terms with what they’ve done, many people here have only been up in arms the last month or two, saying nothing about it for the last 10 years until now, because being a ‘humanitarian’ is fashionable.

First and foremost – before you start bringing in all the other ‘evidence’ – they did the crime, they got caught – it’s that simple.

Were they not aware of the fate that could face them? They tried this drug smuggling operation and got caught no less than 6 months after the whole Schapelle Corby incident happened. Surely they can’t have been unaware about the potential punishment if they were caught, as well as Indonesia’s attitude toward drugs. These guys were all caught red-handed. They did it. No question. Continue reading

Liberals and Atheists

Picturing everyone naked again..

Picturing everyone naked again..

There are many times I consider writing a brief rant about something, but by the time I formulate one I realise its not substantial enough for its own post. Instead, I’m giving you all a HOST of rants, all put together. Efficiency, no?

First and foremost this week is the Liberal Leadership Spill. It ended up being a massive non-event, but the lead-up itself stoked my ire incomprehensibly.

This populist indecisiveness of the Rudd/Gillard ALP years was used as a major campaign point by the LNP, and yet less than 18 months later the stories abound that the Libs were about to do the same. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #24

"I told you Mr Damon, put it away"

“I told you Mr Damon, put it away”

TRUE GRIT (2010) 

The story of an increasingly demented old man escorting a young child – but enough about Bad Grandpa.

The story of a young woman travelling cross country for revenge with a spaghetti western soundtrack – but enough about Kill Bill.

Despite all these plot similarities that are only now dawning on me, there’s a lot to like about True Grit, and not just because it features the name Coen twice in the credits. Who doesn’t like a good old revenge story? Who doesn’t want to see a 14 year old girl kill someone? Who doesn’t like Jeff Bridges. Nobody doesn’t, that’s who. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #23

As TPG continue the long, slow drag of their nuts across my face, I bring you another sporadic blog in these times of lean bandwidth.



Big Hero 6 (2014)

There’s a lot about this film that screams ‘IT’S A KID’S MOVIE WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?’ – particularly the bright colours, heartfelt storyline laden with morals and the undeniably adorable BayMax – he’s like the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters without the sinister edge and plentiful white goop inside him… (wait…)

But there’s far more to it than that. Perhaps I’ve been too dismissive of a lot of these films in the past – although in my defence a lot of them are SHIT. Big Hero 6, though, is not. Continue reading