A Not-So-Swift Ending

Tay-Tay-JJThanks to TPG and Telstra meeting somewhere in an underground lair with plans to make my life, and only my life, considerably more inconvenient than it is, I’m without internet. I have been for a week and a half, and I will be for a further week and a half at this rate. Given that I write remotely for an income, and we live IN THE FIRST WORLD WHERE THAT KIND OF SHIT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, it’s been an entirely frustrating and maddening experience.

Even worse is the fact I’ve been thinking of something I should write about at least once every day – but without any immediate means to record it I’ve failed so many times – but I’ll have a quick one right now.

The Triple J Hottest 100 vs. Taylor Swift 

Is the idea of Taylor Swift being included in the nation’s (apparent) number 1 indie countdown of songs for the past year that ridiculous? It’s a bit silly, sure, but to the point where it became a big part of general discourse for a few weeks while the votes were working their way?  Continue reading


Farewell To Parramatta


For the better part of the last two years I’ve been living in a.. rather large town called Parramatta, to the west of Sydney. It’s been a time that’s had it’s ups and downs and this place will certainly hold a lot of memories – but this weekend we move back further West, leaving the chaos of this rapidly expanding urban sprawl behind for something a bit more suburban.

Parramatta has a lot of promise, and a lot to like, but it’s not a place that I would like to live for a long time. It’s primary benefit is proximity to the city without actually being in the city, but all that is changing. I’ve been coming to this part of the world for the better part of 15 years and it hasn’t just grown – it’s exploded. The population growth and residential demand is happening faster than developers can manage, having not had the foresight to see what would happen all those years ago.

Anyway, irrespective of how I feel about the place, it will always stay in my memory, and as I like to do in moments like these, I’ve expressed the majority of my feelings in poem.  Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #22



The Interview (2014)

It was so long ago that I’d almost forgotten I’d seen this film. By now we’re all aware of the North Korea vs. Sony hacking saga that led to this film acquiring an eternal cult status before anyone had even seen it. It’s not Franco and Rogen’s fault that things went the way they did, and in many ways this film was a victim of circumstance.

I too, was cynical before I’d even seen it – a film that will live on forever because of political context rather than incredible storytelling or career-defining acting.

But now that I’ve had some time to reflect, I start to realise that that cynicism has itself played a heavy part in what’s happened to The Interview since they decided to release it. Reviews have panned it, as have many people, as garbage that’s undeserving of its place in folklore – the problem is that the two are considered synonymous. Just because the film is undeserving of said place in folklore doesn’t mean that it’s garbage. Continue reading

An Ode To Beard VIII

That's what happens when you swim a lot and don't wash it!

That’s what happens when you swim a lot and don’t wash it!

I’ve been thinking about my semi-annual beard trim a fair bit lately, probably thanks to the heat. The thing was, of all the beards I’ve had (and I’ve had a few), the last one I had was easily my favourite. It was large, healthy, colourful and more.

Alas, a severe bout of unusual summertime hay fever the other day led to me shaving it off in a frenzied rage. Normally shaving a beard off causes you a bit of regret after you do it – but by now, I’ve learned that they grow back, and rather quickly, too.

But I couldn’t let my last beard – Beard VIII – go off without acknowledging its majesty, so enjoy this poem:  Continue reading

Arnie Wrongly Flagged Offside

263135-389351b6-5a87-11e4-9622-df312bf171adAs a general rule of thumb I don’t like to feel sympathy for people. It makes it harder to call them names and use my inner monologue to say scathing things about everything from their integrity to their haircut.

When I consider this, it’s a bit strange that I find myself feeling so sorry for Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #21

The Judge (2014)

They're thinking about the shower scene. You would be too.

They’re thinking about the bathtub scene. You would be too.

It could be said that many movies of the recent Robert Downey Jnr era (by which I mean all of his comic book films) aim to hit more than one genre, typically comedy mixed with big-budget action and a protagonist you find it hard to identify with but root for anyway.

The Judge follows suit, not just with a protagonist that it’s hard to identify with or like (despite the first few scenes trying to pull you the other way) but with its attempt to try and grasp multiple genres – in this case its ‘courtroom drama’ and ‘chick flick’. Continue reading