Tony Abbott vs Timmy Trumpet – Freaks (#auspol REMIX)

freakscoverFrom the guy who bought you that Abbottrang video back when the election campaign was on (me), here’s a BRAND SPANKING NEW Tony Abbott jam full of highlights and characters from the year gone by. It’s a pretty freaking awesome track, too.

If you ask me it’s the best one. I was going to say best one yet but it’s unlikely I’ll do another. Unlike the others, this was made during time I WASN’T paid for, more for fun. Will it catch on? Most probably not. I’ve probably chosen a bad time to release it but my Adobe trial ends soon and I’m impatient. Maybe I’ll push it again before NYE, maybe I’ll even let the artist know – hopefully he takes it as a compliment.

Aaanyway, ENJOY! Or don’t. I really don’t care.


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