Saturday Poetry: Writing and Moustaches

old-typewriter_1Will Saturday become poetry day? I doubt it, but this one is! Yay.

Today’s first poem was written in stark contrast to the 50,000 word novel I’m attempting to write this month as part of NaNoWriMo, contrasted against the pay-rates of freelance writers. There are moments where I think it’s shit and I should be writing something else instead – perhaps something hilarious and skitty – but no. The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that nothing teaches you quite how bleak and potentially psychotic you are like writing a Thriller. Anyway, here we go.  Continue reading


Don’t Go Hoarse Over Horses

horse-bettingSo the Melbourne Cup was yesterday, and people are outraged. Not because of the billions of hard-earned dollars the TAB takes from problem gamblers and drunken idiots every day, not because of the photos of those munted chicks passed out on the grass, but because two horses died.

It’s sad. I can openly admit that two of the saddest moments I’ve ever experienced in my life were the death of my dogs. Sure, family members and friends were more than sad, but I love animals. Not in a Corey Bernadi kind of way, but something much more wholesome.

Horses broke their legs, and were shot as a result. Or maybe one of them had a heart attack – they jury’s still out. I’m not sure where, but perhaps someone should call them back in. Animal rights activists are jumping around like mad, which I personally find insulting to the horse. Continue reading