Out In The Amber


On Sunday I had the joy of going out and watching a gig for the first time in what felt like years. The music (supplied by Brazilian metal gods Sepultura) took me back to my aggressive teenage days – but there was something else that happened that took me back to practically every single gig I’ve been to. Perhaps you can relate.

This gave me an idea for another of my classic poems, which from conception to completion took all of 15 minutes. I wonder if any of the classic poets and literary greats had the intentional ease and dazzling skill that I do… hmmm. Anyway.

There are two things I love
To go out and do
And have now for so many years

They’re going to gigs
And big football matches
Giving a shout and a cheer 

For some things are better
When done in a crowd
And these are both so very clear 

But no matter which one
I happen to go to

For if there’s a song
That some bloke really loves
He’ll chuck a full cup in the air 

This track is his jam
How else to inform us
But drenching us all without care? 

And if it’s a band
That he doesn’t like
His reaction is almost the same 

The beer still gets thrown
And I still get wet
Although I’m not one to complain 

And then there’s the football
Or soccer we say
With passion and verve at the ground 

There’s no better way
To celebrate scoring
Than throwing your drinks all around! 

The game and the chants
It’s all so addictive
What else is a sports fan to do? 

But celebrate also
And then leave at the end 
Sticky with warm Tooheys New 

It’s not that I’m trying
To sit here and whinge
To me it’s all part of the fun 

But it just dawned on me
That the drenching in ale
Makes two of my loves become one 

Perhaps if I got
A bit drunk there myself?
Nah I’ll just sit here and watch 

Why bother paying
Six bucks for warm beer
When I can go home for free scotch?

And there you have it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll drink at a gig or a game, but even still – that damn thing cost $6! I’m not letting anyone else enjoy its hydrating benefits!

If I come home wreaking of beer, it doesn’t mean I was drunk – but there’s a pretty decent chance I had a good time nonetheless.



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