Sprung To Death

This guy gets it..

This guy gets it..

In case you can’t tell, my hay fever is pretty bad at the moment.

There comes a certain time of year
That I can’t help but hate
Perhaps if you’re a bit like me
You can also relate 

Spring is lovely, spring is warm
Lots of life and flowers
I would enjoy it if I could
By my spring is often soured

I wake up every morning
Filled with hope while I am yawning
That today will be a day
That I can stop my tissue-storing 

But the dust and all the pollen
Makes my eyeballs puffed and swollen
And my nose is like a hose
From which an endless stream is pourin’

When you have to blow your nose
Every ten minutes or five
The damn thing will start to hurt
And you’ll wish not to be alive 

Your skin will start to itch
And your eyes will start to water
There’s not a thing that you can do
Like a lamb led right to slaughter 

You take a little tablet
Hoping it will do the trick
But the damn thing, it does nothing
And it doesn’t do it quick 

You’ll never look as stupid
As when you’re about to sneeze
Face frozen in disfigurement
You’ll never be at ease 

This is my life, every year
When spring, comes back around
My sinuses, eyes, nose and throat
All beaten to the ground 

If you get hayfever too
You’ll know it all too well
That red-eyed, dusty motherfucker
Forged in the pits of hell 

But if you’re symptom-free each spring
I’ll think that you’re a c*nt
While these allergies make my life like hell
For the next three months

Fuck it, next year I’m getting the injections.


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