Sprung To Death

This guy gets it..

This guy gets it..

In case you can’t tell, my hay fever is pretty bad at the moment.

There comes a certain time of year
That I can’t help but hate
Perhaps if you’re a bit like me
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At The Movies With Javid #15

Another week, another few hours lost in the world of cinema, waking up in the morning on the sidewalk, unable to speak the language.

Romper Stomper (1992)

With the Rabbits into the Grand Final this week, where better to start than with a trip into the personal history of club owner, Russell Crowe.

Go Rabbitohs...

Go Rabbitohs…

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The Bucket List: Getting Wet


We all have things in life we like to say we’ve put on our ‘bucket list’. Some of us actually write out said list, some of us just buy a bucket, but it’s not an unfamiliar concept by any means.

I’ve got a few of my own things on my ‘bucket list’ I suppose but I don’t intend to achieve all of them. I like to believe that nothing is impossible, but I figure if I make enough of them at least as I lie on my deathbed I’ll be able to look at a list that has a fair amount of things crossed off it.

That’s if I can see it past the giant erection I get as the result of Viagra abuse… and if I write out a list in the first place. Continue reading

Glory Gigs: Matisyahu (2006)


“Hebrew, what’s crackin?” (Ok that works better with an NZ accent I guess)

It’s that time again..

The Year Was 2006…

At that stage I was already well on my way to becoming what I consider a festival ‘veteran’. I’d been to practically every Big Day Out, had been to Homebake, Livid and more – but there was still one major Australian festival I hadn’t ticked off the list – Splendour In the Grass.

Getting your mates together for a public holiday of mischief in Sydney for the BDO is no real problem at all, but it was much more difficult to organise people for an hours-long drive up the coast to enjoy a 2 day festival and then drive all the way back.

Still, I managed to find 2, and myself, Luke and Dean set off on our grand northward adventure. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #14

troy-y-pggyIf you don’t know what the hell a Muppet is I refer you to Homer’s quote from Simpsons episode S07E19 ‘A Fish Called Selma’

“Dad, what’s a muppet?
“Well, it’s not quite a mop and it’s not quite a puppet but man.. HAHAHA… so to answer your question I don’t know”

Whatever the hell they are, I love the freaking Muppets. I’m pretty sure that ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ is one of the best movies to come out this year but unfortunately I saw it long before I started writing my critically-acclamed reviews.

So over the last 2 weekends I’ve had the pleasure of going back to where it all began. When adults were for some reason supportive of the Muppet community without (to my knowledge) the aid of hallucinogenic substances. Continue reading

Nay-ked and Famous

4705624_origSo the Scottish population have collectively gone ‘Nay’ and really, we shouldn’t be surprised. Or should we? I don’t know- that depends on what you were expecting.

Given the well-covered opinions of those OUTSIDE Scotland there are many who were probably under the impression that the yes vote would win by a fair percentage. For some reason media outlets went to celebrities, many of whom have already left and answered the question themselves. Of course they were fans of the yes campaign despite the fact that, no matter what happened, they weren’t the ones who had to live with the consequences.

The polls INSIDE Scotland throughout the lead-up, apart from one small patch, indicated a small victory for the ‘No’ vote the whole way through – and wouldn’t you know it, that’s what happened. 55-45 – and in some ways it makes sense.

Economy, geography, tradition and shared history must all factor in some way – apart from nationalist sentiment there weren’t too many practical reasons for the yes campaign.

Either way, I live in Australia so who should give a shit what I think? Continue reading

Glory Gigs: Oasis (2002)

Welcome to the first, and potentially last, of a new type of blog – GLORY GIGS! I’ve been to a shitload of gigs in my lifetime, so why not share some of the more incredible ones with you? Mainly because I can’t remember them, thanks to an even mix of ‘getting old’ and ‘taking drugs’. This first gig was before the ‘taking drugs’ days, it was also before the ‘lets get our digital cameras or phones out and film the whole fucking gig’ days too. No footage or photos for you this time. Yeah, I’m old, get over it.

We weren't worthy. Seriously, we weren't.

We weren’t worthy. Seriously, we weren’t.

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