At The Movies With Javid #10

robin-williams-10659-11166-hd-wallpapersThese past few weeks have taught me that I love Robin Williams movies, and he’s an immeasurable loss. They’ve also told me that watching 10 of his movies in a row is A LOT to take in. Here’s part three of my Robin Williams movie marathon. Continue reading


Life Stories: 35 Seconds Of Fame


You’d think that with my subjects so far (vomiting, concussing myself, being bitten by a dog), all of these ‘Life Stories’ posts are going to be unpleasant experiences. I’m not saying that most of them won’t be, but occasionally, just occasionally, there’ll be some good ones too.

This is one of those, and a fairly recent one too.

The year was 2013…

Heady days for our little nation. With an election on the horizon we were all hopeful for the future, but instead we woke up with Tony Abbott in charge and Clive Palmer a federal member. We didn’t even bother going to the doctor, we knew we’d given ourselves something horrible. Continue reading

Life Stories: Once Bitten


I’ve always been a dog lover, and always will.

The two times I’ve had the significant sadness of losing a dog were some of the most emotional of my life. I’m not saying that I haven’t been upset with the deaths of family members and the one time I had to grieve for a beloved friend, but there’s always been something about my dogs and I.

That being said, my love for these animals and complete trust in them has got me in trouble. They say, “once bitten, twice shy”, but thankfully for me it was much closer to “once bitten, twice slightly nervous and intimidated”.

Yes, I’ve been attacked by a dog.  Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #09


You couldn’t expect me to do a Robin Williams edition with only 3 movies could you? The guy did more films than Whitney Houston did crack – so now it’s time for Part 2!

The Birdcage (1996)

My appreciation for Nathan Lane’s acting abilities came much later than my love of Williams, but I now enjoy his talents almost, if not just as much. Combining the two of them is a brilliant move to save a film that borders on the offensive (or at least, it would be these days).
In a way it’s ironic to see Williams play the ‘straight man’ of the duo as a gay couple. Instead of being the scene-stealing, flamboyant crazy man, that is left to Lane who delivers in spades while Williams remains quite reserved. Don’t get me wrong though there are scenes where you can almost sense the two of them just riffing off each other. It’s a great dynamic between the two.

What shits me is the story. I know it’s based on some old French screenplay or something but in today’s world it just seems incredibly out of touch. Williams’ son (through a drunken one-night stand with a friend), is recently engaged to a senator’s daughter – and wouldn’t you know it, he’s a conservative (surprise surprise). Continue reading

Auf Wiede-rauchen (Goodbye Smoking)

Today celebrates the one-week anniversary of my decision to quit smoking.

‘Big whoop’, you might think, ‘One week? Like that’s anything to celebrate! You’re not even out of the woods yet’.

I thought that too for a little while, which is why I was reluctant to mention the quitting anytime before I’d reached the 1-month milestone.

But, fuck it. I don’t feel the urge to smoke anymore, and I’m rather confident that I won’t anytime soon, if ever again. With that in mind I thought I should share some thoughts with you.

I smoked my first cigarette at the age of 16 at a party. I can still remember the moment very distinctly. While I wouldn’t say I was a ‘smoker’ from that moment on, it was the first step in a path of gradually increasing smoking, that ended up having a peak that stretched far longer than I ever wanted it to.

13 years later and I was still doing the exact same thing. That’s tens of thousands of cigarettes, tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of minutes wasted doing little more than imbibing toxic substances, all while being asthmatic and constantly hounded by family to quit – but I didn’t. Continue reading

At The Movies With Javid #08


If you’re the same age as me (late 20’s), there’s a pretty good chance your life was significantly affected by the comedy and acting of Robin Williams. For crying out loud, here in Australia we had to watch ‘Dead Poets Society’ as part of our High School curriculum (and we watched ‘What Dreams May Come’ in Religion – that’s right, I’m a by-product of the Catholic School system) – and it’s hard to complain about that.

His zest for life and laughter shines through in so many of his performances, he was an icon of family movies and comedy, but also had range. He will be missed.

What that in mind, I’ve been watching the classics to serve multiple purposes – remembering his legacy, seeing if the movies still stand up, and of course, for some more reviews. Continue reading

Life Stories: Head Banging


It’s time for another trip down memory lane (or not-so memory lane as the case may be).

I’ve always had a big head – and I’m not talking about an ego problem (although that comes and goes), I mean literally. Hats don’t fit me. In High School my Dad actually had to custom-make an extension for the back of my hat when the school I went to made them mandatory during lunchtimes.

Apart from that, it’s never really caused me any problems, and I doubt the following stories have anything to do with the size of it, but I’m now going to share with you what I remember from times I’ve hit this very large head, very, very hard in the past. Continue reading