Dogs Pooping In History

This is now months old, and might make little sense to some people – so I’ll preface this blog by stating that if you don’t remember the pages that were doing the rounds a month or two (or three) ago – head HERE right now.

For those of you that can’t be bothered, the premise of the above article is sharing photos that are supposed to capture special family moments or something of the like, ruined by dogs pooping in the background.

Well, I did some research through the archives, and what I found may shock you. It turns out dogs have been pooping in photos long before teenagers started taking far too many. With that, I present the incredibly high-brow ‘Dogs Pooping in History’ (all images clickable for higher res)

1. “I thought something smelled like burning hair”


2. Berlin – “Here’s what I think of your alleged ‘Freedom!'”

poowall3. While victory caused many to celebrate, it just gave others the shits.

Kissing the War Goodbye in Times Square



4. That’s one small step for man.. that just happened to end up in dog shit 


5. The Chinese government censored this photo long ago. The demonstration of civil disobedience beggared belief – and the guy standing in front of the tanks got in trouble, too!  pootanksAll photos (horribly) made by me in Photoshop ages ago. Yet they still made me chuckle – hopefully they do the same for you



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