At The Movies With Javid #02

Godzilla-movie-reviewI’ve always had a thing for Godzilla.

Not like a sex thing you dirty bastard. Talk about throwing a sausage down a hallway – more like throwing a toothpick in the Grand Canyon, am I right? Huh? Huh?

Anyway, it was with much joy and excitement I headed off to the drive-in last weekend to catch the latest venture into the world of gigantic Japanese creatures.

Not only was I getting to see Godzilla, it also had Bryan ‘Heisenberg’ Cranston in it – and given that I finished watching Breaking Bad all of a month ago I found that to be mildly enticing. Combine this with some warm reviews in the lead up and some kick ass trailers and I was prepared for one hell of a ride.

Did I get one? Yes, quite ironic really considering I was sitting in my stationary car the whole time.

Is the movie going to be spoiled for you if you continue reading? Continue reading to find out! Continue reading


At The Movies With Javid #01

Hmmm introduction.. let’s see.. I have seen some movies. Here are some reviews. I hope you enjoy them, etc. For now I’ll stick to new ones, but I might go back and review some old ones at some stage too. I had intended to have something epic to write about after such a long break, but… suck it.

The Monuments Men

“We’re going to make how much for this crap?”

I feel I can be forgiven for having slightly high expectations for this one. An all star cast including the likes of Cloon-tang, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Matt Damon, and one hell of an interesting true story about the preservation of art and culture during the Second World War hooked me like a fish. Unfortunately, much like a hooked fish I was left flopping about, gasping for the proverbial air of decent character and plot development, slowly being cut open and having my innards of enjoyment removed with a rusty knife.

Sure, there’s a lot to cover and you could be forgiven for accelerating through parts of the story, but much like a coked-up Italian playboy on the Autobahn with a brick for a foot this movie just doesn’t know when to slow down. Except for in close-ups meant to convey emotion you’ve little understanding of because you haven’t had time to understand what the fuck is going on. Continue reading